About Us

Positive Individual Proactive Support (PIPS) is a new organisation established in September 2014.  We aim to provide high quality social care, and our expertise is providing support to people with disabilities who have high support needs, autism and people whose behaviour severely challenge services. The service will support those people who require an individualised service and a trained workforce to live successfully within their own accommodation in their local community. For information on accessing our services please click here.

We aim to provide services across Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire.

What do PIPS provide?

PIPS Model V7.5

  1. A model of providing services which are individualised for a complex service user group which at the same time recognises the need for staff response and support.
  2. The PIPS model is focus on Positive Behavioural SupportPerson Centred Thinking and Active Support.  Staff will receive the training and supervision required to implement these effectively, successfully reducing challenging behaviours and improving people’s lives.
  3. Committed to meeting the living wage requirements to be able to recruit and retain committed, compassionate staff.
  4. Great leadership and a focus on resilience within the service that enables the staff team to stay on track with the service user, even through difficult times, avoiding the need for hospital admission.
  5. The health expertise within the social care model, this fusion will enable service users to live valued, safe and fulfilled lives in the community.
  6. PIPS will be a local business with established links within the community and a good understanding of the environment that we operate in.


What PIPS can offer….

Below are images of the interior of accommodation offered by PIPS and Thirteen Housing Group in our Middlesbrough and Loftus schemes.