We make sure we provide a great service by:

  • Recruiting the right people based on PIPS values, the people who use the service will be involved in the recruitment of staff.
  • Our Key Performance Indicators reflect the positive outcomes expected in people’s lives to live an inclusive valued life within the community.
  • We will use trained quality checkers, supported by an outside agency to check our services against the 7 keys to citizenship model.
  • We will get feedback from the people who use our services using questionnaires and a monthly meetings.


What is good support?


PIPS worked closely with the service user reference group part of Tees Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust learning disability service, which is supported by Skills for People.

The reference group gave their perspective of what quality support meant to them:

  • I know that they are really listening to me
  • They don’t rush me – they go at my pace
  • They help me to make choices
  • They find out about me
  • They don’t treat me like a naughty child
  • They try to understand what I do and why I do it
  • Treat me with respect
  • Takes the trouble to explain things properly
  • Treat me the way they would want to be treated
  • Be able to explain things in the way I need – using things like pictures
  • Be happy not to be the boss
  • I want to be able to say if I’m not happy about something and for you to take it on board without getting huffy
  • I want to feel that you want to do the job and you like doing it
  • When I need comfort, you’ll give it
  • Be able to think about things …………
  • I want to feel safe with you
  • Keep calm in a crisis